Alder Creek to Costa Rica in 2016

Jun 30 2016

So, we met up with Paloma and the group today for a boat ride down the Tarcoles river.  The kids all looked a little weary when they arrived in the afternoon. Once on the boat, they all perked up and we were hearing funny and exciting stories of their adventures. The rafting trip seemed to be the scariest. No one fell out, however Simon managed to lose an oar. 

It was nice to hear that they all had great home stay experiences. 
Maya bonded with a bunch of  children, Henry is done with beans for a while, Joseph attempted body surfing, Paige probably lost her voice zip lining, Simon does a mean salsa and has never been to Zootopia but apparently HAS been to Phoenix, Texas, Claire does a good Michael Jackson impersonation and Paloma does interesting faces under the water. 
I am sure we will be hearing fun stories for weeks to come. 

Paloma, thank you so much for keeping these goof balls in one piece and leading them through a fantastic adventure! 


Jun 27 2016

 Hola familias!


Today we headed over to San Jose into a town called La Caprio, a very poor town. There we went to the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) and received an orientation about what the program does and learned more about the town. We then headed out to the school where CRHF gives preschoolers classes. We played, sang, and talked with the children; it was a blast! Next we split up into two groups and painted two houses in the rain! Back at CRHF we were welcomed with lunch, a play from the members, and an opportunity to purchase bracelets that some of the women make. The students were pushed out of their comfort zone and really forced to think about how we could continue to make changes in our own community at home; it was an unforgettable experience! Tonight the students have a dance class that they are very excited about.



Pura vida!

Jun 25 2016

Today was a busy day at La Paz waterfall gardens!

We visited the different animal exhibits: birds, hummingbirds, snakes, frogs, and wild cats! Then we hiked the rain forest into the 3 beautiful water falls! It was an amazing sight to see. Students are wiped out! They are finishing up their last Spanish class then we are all off to our host families to get some much needed rest before rafting tomorrow!



Jun 23 2016
Last night the students really gave it their all and rocked the dance class! They will be coming back with some smooth moves to show you all.
Today we spent to morning in the cloud forest having our canopy tour. Many were a bit nervous, including myself, but we survived and after the first cable everyone had a great time! At the moment students are in their classes giving presentations they were assigned as homework. After that, we are headed into Heredia to enjoy "Finding Dory" in Spanish!! 
Pura Vida!
Jun 21 2016
Today was an eventful day for us here in Costa Rica!
We headed up to the Poas volcano and the national forest. On our way up we stopped at a coffee house, it was great! At the national forest we hiked up to see the main crater on the Poas volano; it was very cloudy up there and we had to wait for just the right moment for the clouds to break to get an amazing view! On our way down we hiked through the national forest and admired the plants and animals. Back down the mountain we stopped in front of a strawberry farm and enjoyed some delicious strawberries! Soon after we had lunch at Freddos Fresas and enjoyed even more strawberries, lucky us! Now the students are enjoying their second day of Spanish classes. 
Pura vida!
Pura vida!
Jun 20 2016

From Paloma: 

We are safe and having a great time! Some of the kids keep repeating that they cannot believe that they are here!

Our first night in Costa Rica was beautiful and calm. We had dinner at a local restaurant them headed to the B&B. The next day we took a walking tour of San Joaquin de Flores and got familiar with the area and where we will be at the next few days.


The students then took their exams and then hung out around the school playing ping pong, soccer and basketball.



They were all anxiously waiting for their host families. The families arrived at 3 and they all went on their way. This morning we were all woken up by heavy rain! We met up at our meeting spot and headed for the city of Heredia on public transportation. Everyone is loving their host families and had a great time getting to know them last night.

In Heredia we did a walking tour of the plaza and visited the church and the market place.

We tried various "new" fruits to us then headed back to CPI. 

Right now the students are just starting their first Spanish class! I will update tomorrow! 

Pura Vida! 

Jun 19 2016

And they're off! Find updates about the Alder Creek students in Costa Rica here!