A day at school

A day at school


Here are some scenes from school today.


 Geography, bilingual,  French-German. The school has a bilingual track.

Students present their findings in French.

Faculty room.

Cultural Studies, bilingual English-German. Students studied US history and presented their topics in English. Their Power Points had interesting pictures.

Multi-ethnic math class. Students are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Macedonia. They have been in Germany for less than a year and know quite a bit of German already. Their educational backgrounds are mostly unknown and therefore hard to evaluate. The administration hopes to be able to integrate these students into mainstream classes within the next two years. I helped the kids with their math problems (fractions) and we actually had some fun (despite math :)).

Our students really like German chalkboards. Washing and buffing them is sooooooooo much fun. The boys now want a German board for their classroom.