Laurelhurst to Costa Rica in 2016

Jun 30 2016

The kids are staying well with fresh cold coconut water while hanging out in the sun and surf at Playa Conchan!

Surfs up at Tamarindo Beach!  We started off with a Spanglish surf lesson in the shade where we learned the basics of surfing and getting up on the board. 



The swell was perfect and everyone was able to stand up on their boards. La pura vida!


The kiddos all hair-netted up and ready for their cooking class!  Costa Rican food features predominantly rice and beans, but on the menu for today: arroz con pollo y ensalada. Buen provecho!

Sometimes we even take a break from the adventures to sit down and study.  Olivia is working hard on her irregular verbs! 


Jun 29 2016

As it so turns out, Fabricio's mother lives near Arenal, and it's her birthday. We gave her a surprise party complete with a penata.   The kids swam in her pool, and we toured her extensive garden. She made us delicious fresh tortas from vegetables she grows.   Later, we went to a very cool hot springs complex, and the kids ended their evening in the hotel pool.

Tomorrow we go to Flamingo, to CPI, and to our homestays for the rest of our time in Costa Rica.

Jun 27 2016

Here are a few fun pictures from Monteverde! 

Tomorrow we move on to Arenal. 

Warm regards!

Jun 24 2016

Greetings from Costa Rica!  These 3 pictures capture the beginning of our trip. Life at LAX felt like it would never end, resulting in a wise choice by Delta to preboard the group. Sleeping  on the red eye was iffy.

Our guide, Fabio, was chipper upon greeting us even though we were zombies. When we arrived at our hotel in Monteverde, everyone had an opportunity for a two hour nap. Funny how the adults crashed while the kids played very loud games in our garden. How do they suddenly find these energy reserves??

Today we ate well, laughed a lot, bonded as a group, used the hot tub at CPI's school here, and had a lovely first night meeting. It is now 9 pm, and there is not a sound.

The coolest take away from the day is how eager everyone is to build upon their Spanish. We're both scared and excited to hablar.

Warm regards, 

Carol Berkley

Jun 24 2016

And they're off! Check in with our blog for updates about the group's adventures!