West Sylvan students meet their host families!

West Sylvan students meet their host families!


The West Sylvan group arrived safely to San Jose and then made it to their host families in San Isidro. Yesterday, all students spent a free day with their host families. 

Celeste reports:

"Sunday went well for all students. They stayed with their families and the weather was overcast but dry. Today we awoke to a tropical rainstorm. We nevertheless walked around San Isidro completing our photo scavenger hunt thanks to the excellent packing job of raincoats and ponchos. They are having a blast trying new things and learning new words. We will try our best to send daily updates although please know that our internet connection is limited.  Remember to check our Instagram for photos too. Cool Capstone." - Saludos desde San Isidro. Celeste 

Here are some photos of how students spent their first full day in Costa Rica!