A visit to Tortuguero!

A visit to Tortuguero!


The West Sylvan students visited Tortuguero! Yaaay!

How to sum up today? Iguana, Spider Monkey, Howler Monkeys, Toucan, Blue Morpho Butterflies, Caimans, Royal Egrets, Aningas, Frigate birds, Turtles, Giant Golden Orb Spiders, Sloth.

Today we explored a magical place. In boat we went deep into Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park. We were lucky to have a rainless morning of off season travel. Few tourists meant we had clear passages and impressive views of the wildlife above. It was HOT and the students for the most part roughed it out without complaint. Truly hard to describe in words. As one student told me: there is no way to explain this. You just have to come to Costa Rica. 

Back at the hotel we had pool fun and a special birthday cake for Maddie thanks to our guide Percy.  The girls really came through with singing Happy Birthday at least 5 times throughout the day. 


Tonight we are watching the Copa America thanks to one of the waiters who has graciously shared a hot spot connection from his phone!