Travel Day

Travel Day


Travel day today: We left Tortuguero after our last buffet breakfast. A lovely river taxi ride meant a quick nap for some. We had quite the night!  Because of the heat we had a nocturnal flying insect attack. Picture Alfred Hitchcock in Costa Rica: His movie would be called "The Beetles". They would swarm and bat against the screens of your rustic bungalow. They would climb toward the light in your room by creeping under the door. You would scream (along with 30 frightened teenagers) and find them every where in the room. Without brooms available you would rip Palm branches off the trees and try your best to sweep them out amid panic and hysteria. The beetles would be black, crunchy when stepped on, and able to fly unpredictably. To keep them out you would have to tuck towels under every door. Just picture that!!! Expect to hear more about it from your kids! See Winston's video on Instagram. 

We had a smooth bus ride to our school ELEC where students went to their classes. 

Everybody is excited to be back in San Isidro and to sleep in their host home. 

Pura Vida!