Lakeridge High School to Costa Rica 2017

Jun 22 2017

After class on Thursday, we had cooking lessons. We made chalupas and a very Costa Rican dessert, Arroz con leche. Here are some photos.

Jun 21 2017

Lakeridge students learn how to do the salsa during one of the first few days in Costa Rica. Click on the link below to see students showing off some dance moves.

Jun 20 2017


On Monday our very nervous students took a test for placement in their Spanish classes. In the photo they are working on it in our classroom at Maximo Nivel. Once the classes were formed, they had their first hour of classes.

In the afternoon we went to Britt Coffee Tour to learn about Costa Rican coffee and to see a shade grown coffee plantation. There was an amazing buffet of salad and Costa Rican foods. Most of us tried chayote and had fresh mango juice. There was a butterfly garden with beautiful tropical butterflies.

Students then got to learn the meaning of Tica time as we waited over an hour for our tour to start. The tour was a combination of a slapstick play and information about how to produce coffee and Costa Rican coffee history. It was very interesting to see the shade grown coffee in person. It was very lush and there was a lot of diversity. Finally, Savannah got to help with the coffee tasting demonstration before we headed back to our host families.

Break time at Maximo Nivel.

Jun 19 2017

Hola and greetings from Costa Rica!

Once through security everything moved quickly and smoothly. We only had to wait a few minutes before they started boarding our flight. In Phoenix we had just enough time to find our new gate, buy a sandwich or slice of pizza and then off we went again.

We then flew for hours over the deserts of Arizona, Mexico before the plane flew over the Gulf of Mexico. After some time over water glimpses of a lush green landscape began to peek through the clouds, incredible towering cumulonimbus clouds. At one point, we could see the rays of the setting sun casting an orange glow in a tunnel in the clouds. Soon after we landed in rainy San Jose.

Our local host and teacher Melanie met us and we loaded into a bus and drove a ways to our homestays. At this point the kids were feeling excited and nervous, but each was welcomed by their host mother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. By now it was about 8pm. I think we were all grateful for a warm meal and a good nights sleep.

Today everyone is enjoying a day with their host family. Monday we meet  for orientation and the beginning of language classes.

Jun 18 2017

Report from Tim:  "Everything went well after getting through security at the airport.  No problems with the flights -- most of the students got some sleep on the plane, and our arrival in San Jose was easy.  We were picked up immediately and then dropped off at our host families, although not without both a sense of anticipation and nervousness. Since it is Father's Day here as well, some of the students will be attending family events, as will I. 
More later..."