The journey begins!

The journey begins!


Hola and greetings from Costa Rica!

Once through security everything moved quickly and smoothly. We only had to wait a few minutes before they started boarding our flight. In Phoenix we had just enough time to find our new gate, buy a sandwich or slice of pizza and then off we went again.

We then flew for hours over the deserts of Arizona, Mexico before the plane flew over the Gulf of Mexico. After some time over water glimpses of a lush green landscape began to peek through the clouds, incredible towering cumulonimbus clouds. At one point, we could see the rays of the setting sun casting an orange glow in a tunnel in the clouds. Soon after we landed in rainy San Jose.

Our local host and teacher Melanie met us and we loaded into a bus and drove a ways to our homestays. At this point the kids were feeling excited and nervous, but each was welcomed by their host mother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. By now it was about 8pm. I think we were all grateful for a warm meal and a good nights sleep.

Today everyone is enjoying a day with their host family. Monday we meet  for orientation and the beginning of language classes.