Tortuguero Adventures

Tortuguero Adventures


Well, Saturday was a long day for our group. We had to get picked at 5:00 am for our day trip all the way to Tortuguero, on the Caribbean coast. Arriving at Tortuguero involves not only a long bus ride, but also a boat trip of more than an hour down the Rio Suerte to the national park. We met our tour at the school and after crossing the Continental Divide, stopped for a delicious breakfast. 

Our guide found a three-toed sloth in a tree next to the highway. Before reaching La Pavona, where we climbed into the launches that would take us downriver, our guide had found two more sloths, this time of the two-toed variety. Wildlife, including three species of monkeys, toucans and other birds, basilisks (called Jesus Christ lizards, for their ability to run across the surface of water), a visit to the village of Tortuguero, and the chance to dip our feet in the Caribbean were the highlights of our day.

As we made our way back on the highway, we had an adventure that we did not expect -- our tour bus broke down! We were able to get a hold of Andy, the bus driver who picks us up every morning. He became the man of the hour when he arrived in our bus and took us home. We were home around 8:30, a little later than planned, but in time for dinner and to have a relaxing evening. Sunday, we will have some time together in a nearby park, then have family time.

Here are a few more photos from Tortuguero... One of the three sloths we found and drinking coconut water straight from the coconut!