Adventure in Tortugero

Adventure in Tortugero



Today we set out for a 3 day adventure in Tortugero, a turtle refuge on the east coast of Costa Rica. Our bus left bright and early, at 6am, for the 4 hour ride. We then transferred to a boat for the last hour of the trip. Tortugero is only accessible by boat or airplane - there are no roads or cars here!

We're staying in a small hotel right on one of the channels of water. Very pretty setting! It also has a small pool, which the kids are enjoying immensely.

We have seen many animals, both on the boat ride here and at the hotel. Monkeys, macaws, iguanas, basilisks, and a sloth. We've been told that we'll hear the Howler monkeys howling tonight!

We also went into the small town to see the turtle conservancy museum and to walk around. Did you know each turtle lays between 180 and 200 eggs? Tortugero was one of the first and most important turtle conservancies in the world for multiple turtle species, including the green sea turtles. The kids also enjoyed walking around the town, shopping and sampling ice cream and fresh coconut milk.