Dance Lessons in San Isidro

Dance Lessons in San Isidro


Today we were back in San Isidro for a more normal schedule. Since our schedule didn't start until 11, several of us went on a walk in the hills above the town. Lovely views and a fun bridge to cross.

We then met the others at a local restaurant for lunch. It's very typical, with rice and beans and meat, as well as empanadas, burritos and various other Tico specialties.

We had a little free time for exchanging money, shopping or relaxing, then met at the school for dance lessons. The kids did pretty well at pairing up (with lots of encouragement from the chaperones!) and we tried salsa, meringue, cumbia, and a few others. It was really fun, and the kids were definitely getting the hang of it by the end!

We finished with picking up our Spanish classes again and then returning home to our families for the evening.