Meet the 2018 ANDEO chaperone to France!

Meet the 2018 ANDEO chaperone to France!



I’m Anne-Marie Reid and I am ecstatic to be leading the immersion experience in France this summer for Andeo International Homestays!  I became a French teacher at Grant High School in 2010 and have been leading the program there since 2013. 

This year, I also have had the privilege of teaching at Cleveland High School.  I have led two trips abroad with students, both to France. I enjoy, above all, seeing the world through the eyes of the students and being a part of their growth as world citizens. As a teacher, I try to make French language and culture an experience in my classroom. I love giving students the opportunity to learn to communicate and express themselves, while exploring the diversity of the cultures in the French-speaking world. 


I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. I like to think that speaking, teaching, and loving French culture were my destiny since my parents gave me a distinctly French name, Anne-Marie Monique!  My mother loved French and I remember her using little phrases with us as children.  While in school I studied Spanish and German (much to my mother’s dismay), I got hooked on French history pretty early.  An avid reader in high school, I fell in love with Versailles, the height of the French monarchy and the uprising of the people during the revolution. With a plan to study history, I moved to Olympia, Washington for college in 1999. 

My interests at the college level were based in teaching and history and it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I began studying and learning French.  My experience learning Spanish and German in high school prepared me with skills for studying language and the application of my French language study to my other interests (French historical terms, the titles of French paintings, and the power of the language within the culture) fostered a passion for the language that I never knew would be possible.  I continued studying the language and culture and graduated with an emphasis in French studies and teaching.  The best and most important experience in my language learning in college was when I studied abroad in France for a quarter during my senior year.  I had the opportunity to visit Paris and other cities around the country as a tourist, and to stay with host families in Rennes and Lyon. This opportunity and experience changed my life!  It changed the way I thought about French and the language gained a new relevance in my life.  I came home speaking and understanding French in ways that even surprised me!  It deepened my understanding and so my passion for both the language and the culture grew.  I resolved to do graduate work in French and strategically found a program that allowed me to go back and spend a year living in Paris; one of the best and most fulfilling moments of my life!

My experiences studying and living abroad allowed me to grow in my expression and to really bring together the language and culture.  They inspired me to teach French, rather than history, because I wanted to share the powerful connection I felt to different people and cultures as a result of my ability to communicate in another language and experience those cultures first-hand.