Meet Annie, our newest cultural presenter!

Meet Annie, our cultural presenter for French classes in 2014/2015.

Making people laugh is one of Annie's greatest pleasures in life, closely followed by meaningful travel and cultural studies.  She intends to have the class guffawing through a genuinely funny and thoughtful presentation of her exciting travels and misadventures in the francophone world.
Annie earned a degree in French and in Anthropology and is fascinated not just by the language but by the entire experience of other cultures.  The francophone world, in particular, is an example of ways in which a shared language does not always translate into a shared way of life.  From French-speaking Canada to North Africa to rural Cambodia and Vietnam, and, of course, la Belle France, Annie's ability to communicate in French has given her access to so much cultural enrichment and understanding that she is eager to share.  Her stories of unforgettable homestays in Québec City, Marseille, and Fez will illustrate the importance of respecting and growing from cultural differences, and making sure to laugh along the way.
What teachers are saying:
"Annie should become a teacher. She had great rapport with the class, asked intuitive questions, and engaged all students. Nice job!"
- Kim Christensen, David Douglas HS
"Annie's experiences helped open my students' eyes to multiculturalism. Great presenter and wonderful presentation. Thank you!"
-Brian Malan, Gresham HS