Qu'est-ce que ça veux dire??

Qu'est-ce que ça veux dire??


As much French as we think we know before we go to France, there is always so much more to learn. More specifically, there are expressions that are unique to each region. To help prepare you a bit for your stay in France, I have a list of expressions that I learned while staying in Bordeaux. While some of these expressions are used in all of France, there are also many that are only said in Bordeaux.

Some expressions are used by mainly teens and youth, but are still good to know, and some are found more in literature than in everyday conversation.

se prendre en vent – to be blown off

chanter en yaourt – to sing random words because you don't know the words

avoir le sum (teens) – to be disappointed

avoir la dalle (teens) / avoir une faim de loup (books) – to be really hungry

ça daille – that sucks

prendre chère – to be caught doing something embarrassing

c'est le bazard – it is unorganized, messy

le gras matiné – to sleep in late

Surely you can see how some of these expressions took part of daily conversation, and others not as much, but learning some expressions before you go can help you understand the family better and feel more confident about your French knowledge!

Bonne chance en France!