Student Dispatches

Daniel's Impressions from France


by Daniel Kompolt

Day 3:

Today we all slept in a little more because of the late night [we went to a party]. Then we went to the beach.

La Caprio - Volunteering at CRHF


 Hola familias!




Drachenfels cog wheel train, before a visit to the Drachenfels overlooking the Rhine.

A visit to Tortuguero!


The West Sylvan students visited Tortuguero! Yaaay!

How to sum up today? Iguana, Spider Monkey, Howler Monkeys, Toucan, Blue Morpho Butterflies, Caimans, Royal Egrets, Aningas, Frigate birds, Turtles, Giant Golden Orb Spiders, Sloth.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens


Today was a busy day at La Paz waterfall gardens!

We visited the different animal exhibits: birds, hummingbirds, snakes, frogs, and wild cats! Then we hiked the rain forest into the 3 beautiful water falls! It was an amazing sight to see. Students are wiped out! They are finishing up their last Spanish class then we are all off to our host families to get some much needed rest before rafting tomorrow!

Arrived in Costa Rica


Greetings from Costa Rica!  These 3 pictures capture the beginning of our trip. Life at LAX felt like it would never end, resulting in a wise choice by Delta to preboard the group. Sleeping  on the red eye was iffy.

The Laurelhurst travelers depart for Costa Rica!


And they're off! Check in with our blog for updates about the group's adventures! 

The South Salem students are off to France!


Chaperone Robert Zenk reports that "everything went smoothly and everyone is with their host families now. Their excited looks said it all!"  Follow this blog over the next couple weeks for some special updates from students themselves!

Thursday's cooking class


Today we went shopping in small groups and the students got to decide which stores they wanted to visit. We went to Heredia since there are more shops there. Afterwards we walked up to ELEC and worked to fix our own lunch. Doña Azalea taught us to make corn tortillas and arroz can pollo. Everyone had a special cooking task. Very fun and they were fueled by hunger. After that we went to class. Another great day! 

Canopy Zipline

Last night the students really gave it their all and rocked the dance class! They will be coming back with some smooth moves to show you all.


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