Student Dispatches

Scenes from Cologne


Scenes from Cologne. A very hot day.  We  toured the cathedral, old town, crossed the railroad bridge and enjoyed the scenery from a 28-story observation tower. I think we are now medieval specialists.



A visit to the post office


Today we learned to use Costa Rican money to shop and also discovered what a Post Office is. Students wrote postcards and learned how to affix stamps and on which lines we write the name, the address, and so forth! Enlightening! Each student had a private interview with a chaperone about the home stay. No major concerns at this time. Most reported their home stay as "excellent". 

Visit to Poas Volcano

Today was an eventful day for us here in Costa Rica!
We headed up to the Poas volcano and the national forest. On our way up we stopped at a coffee house, it was great!

Exploring Aachen, eating currywurst


A few photos of Aachen: 

In front of Charlemagne's cathedral

A brief lunch stop between guided tours.  Mostly Currywurst was consumed

Exploring the Market


We went to the market in Heredia TuesdayStudents discovered new smells, sights, and tastes. We explored Heredia on foot and enjoyed a delicious lunch together. After some outdoor time students started class just as a downpour started.

Alder Creek students explore San Joaquin


From Paloma: 

We are safe and having a great time! Some of the kids keep repeating that they cannot believe that they are here!

Our first night in Costa Rica was beautiful and calm. We had dinner at a local restaurant them headed to the B&B. The next day we took a walking tour of San Joaquin de Flores and got familiar with the area and where we will be at the next few days.


Homeroom in Germany


 Frau Schroeder and Mr Kendrick met with all the students today at the school where they are shadowing their host siblings, Werner Heienberg Gymnasium. Students seem happy and enjoyed their first weekend with their host families! It was pouring rain there today, but they are hoping for better weather for their first excursion tomorrow, to Aachen. 

The Alder Creek students depart for Costa Rica!


And they're off! Find updates about the Alder Creek students in Costa Rica here! 

West Sylvan students meet their host families!


The West Sylvan group arrived safely to San Jose and then made it to their host families in San Isidro. Yesterday, all students spent a free day with their host families. 

Celeste reports:

Becky describes the food she is excited to try in Cadiz!


Hello! My name is Becky and I'm going to Cádiz, Spain this summer for 3 weeks! This is something I have been looking forward to for so long, and I can't believe that my plane ticket is going to be used in less than two months!

When I fly to Spain, I am going to be with my best friend and her mom, making those 18 hours much more bearable. We will spend one day in Madrid, one in Córdoba and then they will take me to Malaga where I will meet the rest of those going to Cádiz.


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