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Noah does research about Grenoble


I recently discovered that two families are willing to host me and fortunately they both live in rural areas. Both are families of five, although one family has two daughters and a son, while the other has two sons and a daughter. I was able to see a picture of their homes using Google Maps and they appear to be quite nice. I’m very excited for my trip, and am hoping I will be able to overcome the language barrier.

Natalia provides insight into her own fundraising process


Play guitar at the Farmers Market

Selling prints of my artwork: this includes contacting coffee shops or restaurants that are willing to display my artwork then setting my price with a form of contact information and waiting for some calls!

Scholarship Applications: Scholarships are SO worth it! I did some research and also looked through the scholarship opportunities that ANDEO provides. These were definitely worth my time and so far have helped my family greatly to fundraise for my trip to Spain. Taking the time and effort to do them definitely paid off!

Jenna wonders about the weather in Mexico


  Last summer, my family and I hosted a student from France. It was such a fun experience, and I’m really excited to see what it’s going to be like on the other side of things. By being a part of the host family for our student, I know what it’s like to totally invite someone new into the family. Through this experience, I believe it will help me connect with my host family because I share with them similar feelings of what it’s like to host.

Avery's Adventures on a Semester Program in Spain


Six months ago, I signed up with ANDEO to do a semester abroad in Spain, not really believing it was actually going to happen.   Now with three days until my departure for Madrid, the reality of this decision is starting to hit.   As part of this experience, I have agreed to to a blog, to document and describe some of the high and low points of my journey.  So, where to begin……...

Ariell interviews her friends about Spanish food and music


In preparation for my trip to Spain, I have been doing some research on the country. Some of the things that I looked into were Spanish food and music. I decided to interview my friends to see what their knowledge of Spain's culture was.
Here are some short interviews about Spanish foods:

Sophia and her Spanish exchange student, Carmen, compare and contrast Cleveland to High School Musical



Tyler discusses gift giving and sharing cultures


While traveling to another country individually I am aware I am almost like a window into another culture. I feel like I should share as much as I can with my host family about my own culture and lifestyle as possible. Just as I am learning about their culture and country, they are also doing the same.

French Teacher Profile: Maron Faulkner at Saint Mary's Academy

Study Abroad Then And Now

Hannah interviews her exchange student about French stereotypes of Americans



Fundraising Ideas for School Group Trips


Interested in leading a group of your students abroad but worried about the financial cost for students? Here are some fundraising activities previous school groups have used to raise funds for the trip:


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