Student Dispatches

Arriving in Costa Rica


Our travels to Costa Rica went so well! It quickly became evident that we are all in such good company with each other. What a beautiful group of kids that we are lucky to be with: polite, good natured, attentive, responsible, and fun! Thank you for sharing them with us and providing them with this wonderful experience.

Sunnny Days


The sun is finally back in Tours! 


Canopy Tour


On Saturday we set out for San Ramon for our ziplining canopy tour. San Ramon is in another province, about 90 minutess from San Isidro. As we rode in the bus we could see the weather becoming wetter and cooler as we drove up the mountain.



On Thursday we assembled at the school for a Zumba class. Some of the kids were a bit apprehensive, but nearly everyone really got into it after we started. The class was great - very high energy and great music! It was very fun to see the kids trying the salsa moves!

Art Classes in Costa Rica


Today after classes students let their creative sides shine.

¡Clase de Chocotorta!


Yesterday we got to make our own chocotorta, a typical dessert in Argentina, as a group. It was timed perfectly, as it was Carlee and Linsey´s birthday, so we got to sing to them and celebrate with cake! :) We finished the evening with a group dinner out.

Out and About in the City


Students are getting to know Tours with a stroll around the city.



Pizza and Soccer in San Jose!


Wednesday was a busy day! We started off by taking the bus into San Jose, the capitol city. It's a busy, bustling place compared to San Isidro! We walked around the center, looking at the lovely historic buildings, including the post office, national theater, and museums. We also went into one of the churches, and then stopped for lunch and a little shopping in a souvenir mercado. The highlight for the kids was probably the giant pizzas for lunch!

First Day at Sano Nichidai


On their first day of classes, Gresham students sit in on classes with Sano Nichidai students.

Gresham students learn how to play the Taiko (Japanese drum)

A Tram Ride and Bowling in Tours


Today, the students took a ride on the tram with Yannick to go bowling. Everyone had a blast! 


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