Student Dispatches

Cooking Lessons in Costa Rica


Tuesday we stayed in San Isidro. We did an optional hike above San Isidro again, then met at the school for a cooking lesson.

We made Arroz con Pollo, or rice with chicken. This is practically the national dish of Costa Rica. While Gallo Pinto (beans and rice) is more common in daily life, you'd be hard pressed to find a Fiesta or gathering without Arroz con Pollo.

Language School in Tours


Lakeridge students at their language school in Tours.

Excursion to Orosi Valley


On Tuesday our afternoon excursion took us into the mountains to the beautiful Orosi Valley. We had a picnic of fried chicken (the best fried chicken ever according to some) at a scenic overlook. We were then able to visit the two oldest Catholic Churches in Costa Rica and the Basilica de Los Angeles.

Below are photos of the ruins of the church at Ujarras. The church was destroyed twice, once by volcanic eruption and once by earthquake before it was left to the elements. Students were returned to their host families by 7 and most report being asleep soon after dinner!

The Adventure in Japan Begins


Gresham students and their chaperone, Tara, arrives in Japan.

This is the giant buddha in Kamakura that was made in 1252 and has survived tsunamis and earthquakes. Amazing! We had a fun day exploring the coastal area of enoshima too. 

Nakatsunomiya Shrine in Enoshima

A Tour of Tours


Monday we went on a tour of Tours with our awesome guide Annick! Exploring the history of this beautiful old city, from Roman ruins to vestiges of the medieval ages up to gorgeous Renaissance buildings, and into our contemporary world with current art exhibits in several places for the students to explore on their own this Wednesday during their free afternoon.

Tour of San Jose


On Sunday we decided to have a day at the Parque del Este near our home stays. We met at our favorite ice cream parlor, Pops, and walked 3/4 of a mile to the park where the kids hung out by the pool, hiked the nature trails, played soccer, and relaxed for a couple hours. On Monday after classes we had a guided tour of San Jose where we learned some of the history of San Jose and walked though the mercado central which is a labyrinth of restaurants, tourist shops, food stalls, and medicinal herbalists. It's kind of like Pike Place market with Costa Rica flair.

Dance Lessons in San Isidro


Today we were back in San Isidro for a more normal schedule. Since our schedule didn't start until 11, several of us went on a walk in the hills above the town. Lovely views and a fun bridge to cross.

Day One in Argentina


After an exciting first day of orientation at the language school, students ventured out into the city on a walking tour. We saw the Casa Rosada and knew President Mauricio Macri was there by the small Argentinian flag displayed on the top.

We later walked down 9 de julio, the largest street in Buenos Aires and saw the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, the tall monument in the center of the busy street.

Beginning of the Immersion Program in Spain


Spain immersion group with chaperone Lindsay Zolotoff. 

The Adventure Begins for West Linn Students


The journey to Argentina begins for West Linn students!


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