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Scavanger Hunt Around San Isidro


On Monday, we met up to familiarize ourselves with San Isidro through a scavenger hunt for the post office, bank, supermarket, etc. Afterwards, we went to the school to start Spanish classes. The school is lovely, with well-tended landscape.

At the Language School ELEC


Here is a glimpse at the student's language school ELEC in Costa Rica where they have their classes each afternoon. 

The view from ELEC.

Trip to Heredia



On Monday we took the public bus into Heredia, the closest major town. The bus ride was quite an adventure! The bus was very full, and the drivers go pretty fast on narrow roads.

We made it safely though and enjoyed touring the city. We visited the main plaza, an ancient fortress tower, a local Mercado and some shops.

First Monday in Costa Rica



On Monday our very nervous students took a test for placement in their Spanish classes. In the photo they are working on it in our classroom at Maximo Nivel. Once the classes were formed, they had their first hour of classes.

The journey begins!


Hola and greetings from Costa Rica!

Once through security everything moved quickly and smoothly. We only had to wait a few minutes before they started boarding our flight. In Phoenix we had just enough time to find our new gate, buy a sandwich or slice of pizza and then off we went again.

Arrived Safe and Sound


Report from Tim:  "Everything went well after getting through security at the airport.  No problems with the flights -- most of the students got some sleep on the plane, and our arrival in San Jose was easy.  We were picked up immediately and then dropped off at our host families, although not without both a sense of anticipation and nervousness. Since it is Father's Day here as well, some of the students will be attending family events, as will I. 
More later..."

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Emily Learns to Make Churros with Lola



In order to prepare for my trip to Spain this summer, I have been doing a lot of research on Spanish culture and customs, whether that's on the internet or by talking to people who have been there. In researching the food, I've found that Churros con Chocolate is very popular amongst Spaniards (and why wouldn't they be—just the name sounds delicious). So, while my French exchange student Lola was here, we decided to make churros together.

Alex Learns About Living with a Host Family in France


To prepare for my trip, I focused on experiencing modern French entertainment and pop culture for the past months. These are my favorite discoveries:

Laura's Firsthand Experience with Spanish Immersion at the Local Market



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