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Eliana Learns About the Life and Culture of Mexico


As I prepare to make my trip to Mexico, to experience the culture, people, and customs, I have decided that one of the most effective ways of understanding how I should get ready and what I should have in mind is to talk to people who have a direct experience with the country itself.

Sophia's Advice on Studying Abroad



Preparing for a trip abroad, where you will be submerged into a new culture, can be a daunting prospect. Readying yourself as much as possible beforehand will limit the stress of traveling greatly. Here are things I have been doing to prepare myself:

Hannah Explores the Cuisine of Spain


Hello! My name is Hannah and I am travelling to Madrid, Spain this summer for 3 weeks. I am incredibly excited for this experience and cannot wait to board the plane!

Ana Discovers the Art of Making Paella from Spain


For my blog post, I decided to choose something that I am very passionate aboutfood! One of the things I am most excited about going into my trip is the opportunity to try many new things, especially foods. I cannot wait to experience what a traditional meal is like in Spain.

Fiona Prepares for Her Trip to Costa Rica


A whole other way of living in Cadiz


by MacKenzie Lahren

I arrived in Malaga, Spain at around noon after about fourteen hours of flying. I felt a mixture of uneasiness and excitement with a slight tinge of confidence. I could do this. I could live in a foreign country where no one really spoke English and I knew no one.

An absolutely spectacular time in Spain!


- by Rebecca Summit

This past summer I spent three weeks in Cadiz, Spain. It was my first adventure to Europe, and even my first out of North America. I had high expectations for this long-awaited trip, and for the most part, I think that my expectations were met.

An immersion adventure in Spain


- by Natalia Corbitt

Amazing host family experience in Mexico


- by Jenna Follin 

There are absolutely no words available to describe this amazing experience!

Dive in - reflections on an immersion program in France


- by Hannah Singleton

Julie, who stayed with my family in April, and me on Lac D'Annecy in her father's boat


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