ANDEO College Scholarship for Hosts (Oregon and Washington Residents)

This scholarship benefits Oregon and Washington students who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting intercultural understanding and friendship by hosting exchange students through ANDEO. Applicants for the scholarship are judged on their study of world languages, scholastic achievements, leadership abilities, community involvement, and international interest.

According to Melinda Samis, founding director of ANDEO International Homestays, the ANDEO scholarship is a way of acknowledging the generosity, goodwill, and curiosity of Northwest families who open their homes and hearts to teenagers from across the globee. "These days it’s fairly common for college-bound high school students to go abroad. What many don’t realize is that hosting offers similar opportunities for growth and transformation. American students who host learn how to negotiate differences, build common ground, understand ideas from new perspectives, and take a more personal interest in global events."

The annual scholarship is facilitated by the Oregon Student Access Commission, a state agency that administers over 400 scholarships for Oregon students through a common application process.

How to apply:
Submit the common application to Oregon Student Access Commission by 5pm on March 1st. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the ANDEO College Scholarship?

High school seniors from Oregon or Washington with a 3.5 GPA or better who will have completed at least three years of a world language by the end of the 2017-2018 academic year and who will have hosted at least once through ANDEO in 2016, 2017, or Winter/Spring of 2018.

Is the College Scholarship a need-based award?
No. There was an error on the OSAC Scholarship Catalog stating that the this was a need-based award. This error has been fixed. Although the FAFSA is required as part of the application, financial need may or may not be considered.

How important is GPA for the College Scholarship?
Our preference is for a GPA of at least 3.5; however, your essays and activities are just as important! We are looking for a student who has demonstrated commitment to our mission of promoting international friendship and understanding.

I went abroad through ANDEO, am I eligible for the College Scholarship?
Only if you also hosted a student in 2016 or 2017, or are planning to host a French or Spanish teen in Winter or Spring, 2018.

I live in Washington, but I meet all the other qualifications, can I still apply?
Yes, although the scholarship is being administered by the Oregon Student Access Commission, Washington residents are still eligible and encouraged to apply! The award is transferable to any non-profit or public institution in the United States.

I was homeschooled, am I still eligible?
Yes! The award is open to graduating seniors including GED recipients and homeschooled students.

Who will make the decision?
An independent selection committee will make the final award decision so that our staff can’t play favorites!

How many college scholarships will you award?
Last year we made one award of $1000 and one award of $500. We  hope to grow our scholarship program in the future. We love supporting students who share our commitment to promoting friendship and understanding across cultures.

Should I talk about hosting in my short essays if I’m applying to other OSAC scholarships as well?
You don’t need to write your short essays specifically for us, but if your family has hosted an exchange student, you’ll probably discover that you have a lot of great material for a dynamite essay in response to almost any prompt! The best scholarship essays describe moments of growth or change; after all, that’s what learning…and hosting…is all about!


Previous Recipients

2016/2017: Jenna Follin from McMinnville HS - Jenna hosted students from France and Mexcio and also lived with a host family in Mexico through ANDEO

2015/2016: Vanessa Barrientos from South Albany HS - Vanessa hosted a teen from Mexico through our School Visitor Program. 

2014/2015: Raphael Castellanos-Welsh from Gresham HS - Raphael hosted Japanese teens through our Super Science Exchange with Gresham High School

2013/2014: Nicole Blanco Perez Mills from Blanchett Catholic High School - Nicole hosted a French immersion student during the summer

Eligible Programs: 
Homestay programs
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