Gap Programs in Ecuador

Spanish in Quito
Includes intensive, small-group language classes, a homestay with a welcoming host family, afternoon cultural activities, airport pick-up, travel insurance, and support.

1 month: $2075
2 months: $3425
3 months: $4900

Galapagos Islands
After completing your language studies, you’ll travel to the Galapagos Islands where you’ll get involved with conservation efforts on the islands. As a volunteer, you may be  collecting and classifying seeds, working in the nursery, planting native species, maintaining reforestation lines, providing environmental education to local people and schools, performing station and trail maintenance, and helping maintain and secure food production for the station. Airfare between Quito and the Galapagos is not included.

2 months: $4100 (1 month language study + 1 month volunteering on galapagos)

City, Clouds, and Jungle
After completing your language studies, you’ll travel to a cloud forest within one of the most biologically diverse areas of the world. Here you’ll live and work closely alongside the local community, working on a coffee plantation, teaching English and organizing activities at the local school, and maintaining land within the jungle. From there you’ll move to a reserve located in the western range of the Andes that’s home to over 280 species of birds, and 40 species of mammals, where you’ll specialize in a conservation, sustainability, or social development project.

3 months:   $5025 (1 month language study + 1 month cloud florest + 1 month tropical forest)

Wildlife Rehabilitation
After completing your language studies, you’ll work in a wildlife park that rehabilitates sick, injured, and endangered native birds, animals, and reptiles. As a volunteer, you’ll be involved in almost every aspect of the park including feeding animals, cleaning exhibits, visitor education, veterinary care, and facility maintenance.

2 months: $2900 (1 month language + 1 month volunteer internship)
3 months: $4350 (1 month language + 2 months volunteer internship)

Art of the People
After completing your Spanish studies, get to work in one of Ecuador's most celebrated art galleries, home to a large collection of pre-Columbian pieces and colonial carvings as well as the work of Oswaldo Guayasamin, Ecuador's best known contemporary artist. Choose a specialty, and get involved with restoration and silkscreening workshops. As a volunteer, you will help with guided tours of the galleries and museums in English and/or Spanish.You’ll need to be at an intermediate level of Spanish by the end of your language studies to join this project.

2 months: $2900 (1 month language + 1 month volunteer internship)
3 months: $4350 (1 month language + 2 months volunteer internship)

Quito, Ecuador

Welcome to the City of Sun and Sky! The vibrant capital of Ecuador is a true melting pot of its diverse cultures and international influences. Stroll through the old town with its gorgeous colonial architechture, stand on both hemispheres at the same time, and take in beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The School and Language Classes

The language school is located in the La Carolina neighborhood and offers a warm and inspiring study environment. The building is surrounded by gardens and has its own raquetball court. Classes are small, with only five students, so you will have plenty of opportunities to join the conversation. The basic course consists of 20 hours per week and covers oral communication, written assignments, interactive exercises, and grammar. Because the school is accredited as an university in Ecuador, you can also take college-level content courses in subjects like Hispanic-American Literature or Indigenous Cultures.

Cultural Discovery

Deepen your understanding of Ecuadorian culture through afternoon workshops and local excursions. Some activities are included such as cooking classes, lectures on current topics, film screenings or dance lessons. For others, budget a little extra to cover transportation costs and/or entrance fees. Day trips may take you to Cotopaxi National Park, a traditional indigenous market, or the rainforest.

The Homestay

A homestay with a local family is the best way to gain authentic insights into the everyday life and culture of Ecuador. Your homestay will include a private room and breakfast and dinner with your host family.

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