Gap Programs in France

French Immersion with Language Study in Tours
Includes intensive, small-group language classes, a homestay with a welcoming host family (half-board on weekdays, full-board on weekends), cultural activities, train ticket from Paris to Tours, travel insurance, and support.

1 month: $4,050

2 months: $7,150

3 months: $9,775

Tours, France

Tours is a charming university town in the Loire Valley, a region known for its many Renaissance chateaux. It is said that the 'finest' French is spoke in Tours, which makes it a great choice for international students. Some of the best places to practice the language and enjoy the city are the beautiful parks and gardens, and the many cozy cafes in the historic city center.

Language Classes

Located in the lively old town of Tours, the language school features a rooftop terrace, a video room, a library, and a cellar constructed in the 15th century. Students come here from all over the world, creating a truly multicultural learning environment. With a maximum of only seven students per class, you will have plenty of opportunities to participate. The courses are designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and include 20 hours of classes per week. You can also choose additional sessions on French society, political life, literature, art history, or wine. At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate.

Cultural Activities

Visiting the medieval fortresses along the Loire river, tasting French artisan breads and cheese, or discovering the homes of Honoré de Balzac and Leonardo da Vinci are just a few of the many options. You may want to budget a little extra for entrance fees and transportation costs. Free activities may include concerts by local musicians, museum visits, or screenings of French films.

The Homestay

A homestay with a local family is the best way to gain authentic insights into the everyday life and culture of France. Host families come in all shapes and sizes. All homestays include breakfast and dinner.

Student Feedback

"My host family was fantastic, I loved them! Tours is a great small city and the Tourraine valley is a great region to get to know. I also learned a lot about communicating in different languages with people from different cultures." ~Fanny~