Gap Programs in Japan

Japanese in Fukuoka
Includes intensive, small-group language classes, a homestay with a welcoming host family, cultural activities, airport pick-up, travel insurance, and support.

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Traditional Culture
Deepen your language studies by participating in an interactive seminar exploring Japan’s ancient traditions and practices. Seminars are based on gaining an understanding of and appreciation for Japanese culture, learning a specific point of Japanese, and participating in the beauty of Japanese traditional art. Topics may include tea ceremony and kimono, Hakata doll painting, calligraphy, cooking, pottery, Zazen, Sumi-e painting and Hakata textile collage, as well as visits to shrines, temples, gardens, and castles.

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Manga and More
This lively, interactive seminar draws from the latest in Japanese pop culture to teach you Japanese as it is really spoken today. You will study Japanese through movies and TV shows, contemporary music, and the latest manga, modern fiction, and non-fiction. You’ll need to be at an advanced-beginner level to join this course.

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Ancient Meets Modern
Traditional Japan with a modern manga twist! Combine both seminars for a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture, past and present.

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Extend your Stay!
After completing your language studies, add a volunteer project through the World Wide Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF). In addition to organic farming around Japan, placements include pottery studios, nature schools, backpacker inns and more. Your membership fee of $65 gives you year-long access to the WWOOF Japan database, where you can set up your own arrangements directly with the hosts. Choose to extend your time in Japan up to three months on your tourist visa. You'll receive room and board in exchange for six days of work per week, and no money will be exchanged between you and your hosts. Although you will no longer officially be on an ANDEO program, we'll be happy to extend your travel insurance for the length of your stay.

Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka Prefecture is part of Kyushu, a large island to the south of Honshu, Japan's main island. Close to both mainland China and Korea, it is an important hub linking Japan with the rest of Asia and beyond. Fukuoka City has a population of approximately 1.3 million people. It's known for its moderate climate, excellent cuisine, and friendly locals. As a new student, you'll be given a city tour to find out about the best places to visit, most delicious restaurants, and the cheap shops that all the locals go to!

The School

The school is centrally located in Tenjin, the heart of Fukuoka City, close to the central train, subway and bus stations. You'll find helpful staff, comfortable classrooms, professional teachers, a communal lounge for socializing and studying, an endless supply of coffee and tea, free internet and WiFi, and an extensive collection of manga, Japanese DVDSs, wii games, and more. Take advantage of frequent free and low-cost organized activities such as kanji lettering, origami, and conversation partners, as well as weekend outings to hot springs, local festivals, shows, and other places of interest like a hands-on pottery studio or a soba noodle workshop. Every Friday, you're invited to join your fellow classmates at a different local restaurant to experience Japanese cuisine at its finest, whether its eating live fish, or a restaurant with a two-story waterfall inside!

The Classes

For the standard program, you'll spend 20 hours per week in intensive, small group classes with a conversational approach. You will learn common sentence patterns and vocabulary, then use them in practical situations both inside and outside of the classroom such as such as calling a movie theater to ask for showtimes, ordering delivery sushi, making reservations at a restaurant, interviewing locals at a park, asking for directions, and buying electronics.

The Host Families

A homestay with a local family is the best way to gain authentic insights into the everyday life and culture of Fukuoka. Host families come in all shapes and sizes, for example families with children (from baby to adult), "empty-nesters", grandparents, or single individuals. All homestays include a private room and breakfasts.

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