Host a College Student or Volunteer Intern

Short-Term Programs (1-4 weeks)

ANDEO welcomes students and teachers from international universities to the greater Portland area for short stays of one to four weeks during the winter and summer. Participants come from Japan, China, and Germany on organized programs which take place at Portland State University and Pacific University. They look forward to living in an American household as a way to practice their English, experience American culture first-hand, and deepen their discovery of the Pacific Northwest. Every weekday, they take part in classes and activities. Evenings and weekends are free time for them to follow the everyday flow of life with your family.

If you choose to host, we ask that you provide three meals per day and a comfortable room for your student. Most importantly, we hope that you will include your guest in dinner conversations and weekend plans. The students use public transportation to commute to and from their classes. During the week, they will pack a lunch to take to school. As a host family, you would receive a stipend to help cover hosting expenses such as activities, food, and utilities. The students bring their own spending money and are covered by health insurance.

Long-Term Programs (3 months and longer)

You can host an international student enrolled at Portland State University, Portland Community College, Pacific University, and other schools in the Portland/Vancouver area. Most students arrive at the beginning of one of the four academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer). As a host family, you would make a one-term commitment, approximately three months. At the end of the term, we will ask both you and your student whether you want to extend the homestay. Some families have hosted the same student for a year or more!

You would need to provide your student with his or her own room, access to a study area, meals (self-serve breakfast, food for them to pack a lunch, and dinner together with the family), and internet access as well as regular contact with your family. The last part is especially important, because the students who choose a homestay over a dorm or shared apartment really want to practice their English and experience American culture from an insider's perspective.

The students sign a Program Agreement which clearly spells out their responsibilities while living with a host family.

Families receive a monthly stipend that amply covers hosting expenses like food and utilities.

If you are interested in hosting a long term student, we suggest that you apply for a short-term hosting experience first. It is a great way to find out how hosting fits into your everyday life.

Volunteer Internship Program (1-3 months)

Our volunteer internship program invites college college-age students and young adults (18-30) to volunteer for a non-profit organization in the greater Portland area. The students typically volunteer between 20 and 40 hours per week and look forward to spending their free time with their host families. It's a great opportunity for them to gain insights into the work culture of the USA, practice their English, and make connections in the local community. Over the past years, ANDEO interns have volunteered for a wide range of non-profit organizations including OMSI, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Friends of Tryon Creek State Park, Habitat for Humanity, and the Portland Childrens Museum. Most students on this program come from France, Spain, and Finland. Host families receive a stipend to help cover hosting expenses.

If you have a connection with a non-profit organization that could use the support of an enthusiastic international student, please let us know!

Host family feedback

“Aya was an exceptional young lady.  She was always open to participating in activities and also enjoyed down time with our daughter.”
~Jim, 2011~

“We really enjoyed this experience and will keep in touch with Yumi.”
~Shelley, 2011~

Ready to apply?  Questions?

The first step in the application process is to complete our online host family application.   We will then contact you to schedule a home visit and help you choose a specific program.