1-4 week long Programs at PSU & Concordia (Portland area)

Who: Open to families and hosts within a 60-minute commute to campus via public transportation. If the commute from your home to campus is longer than 60 minutes, you would still be eligible to host if you could assist your student to and from a transit center. 

Where: Classes and activities held at Portland State University or Concordia Univeristy

2018 Summer Dates - Concordia Program 
August 15-September 12: Musashino University, Japan (some, possibly all, students will be placed in pairs)

2018 Summer Dates  - PSU Programs 
August 2-23: Kansai University, Japan
August 2-17: Showa Medical University, Japan (some students will be placed in pairs)
August 4-19: Ritsumeikan University, Japan
August 8-18: Discover Portland, Japanese students from various universities 
August 15-31: Waseda University Sports Science Students, Japan (some students will be placed in pairs)
August 15-September 8: America Plus, Japanese students from various universities       
August 19-September 8: Field Study, Japanese students from various universities
August 24-September 13: Ryutsu Kagaku University, Japan 

2019 Winter/Spring Dates
1-4 week long programs in Febuary & March - dates to be decided.

Please sign up now and let us know what your availability will be like! 


More about Short-Term Homestays at PSU

ANDEO welcomes students and teachers from international universities to the greater Portland area for short stays of 1 to 4 weeks during the winter and summer. The students look forward to living in an American household as a way to practice their English, experience American culture first-hand, and deepen their discovery of the Pacific Northwest. Every weekday, they take part in classes and activities and spend evenings and weekends getting to know their hosts. The students bring their own spending money and are covered by health insurance.

Basic Responsibilities

Host families provide three meals per day (self-serve breakfast, supplies to make a sack lunch for school, and a family dinner), a private room, and plenty of day-to-day interaction and conversation in the evenings and on weekends. A moderate stipend will be provided to help offset the cost of hosting.

Commuting to School

The commute to Portland State should be less than 60 minutes on public transportation (Andeo provides TriMet tickets).  Families should be prepared to assist students on the first day of school with learning to ride Trimet or Max between home and the transfer station. We will assist students when they get downtown.

Program Placements

Programs are individual placements only (one participant per family) unless noted. A few groups will have some paired placements (two participants per family). Student pairs may share a room with each other, but participants need to have their own beds (no top bunks for adults).

Frequently Asked Questions about Short-term College and Adult Programs

My family doesn't fit the mom-dad-and-two-kids model.  Can we still host?

Of course!  Our host families come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether you are a single parent, empty nesters, same-sex parents, a family with small children or "kids" that have already grown up, or a single individual, we would love to welcome you to our network. 

What is expected of host families?

We ask that families provide three meals per day and a private room. The students have chosen a homestay program because they really want to practice their English and learn about American culture; therefore the most important role of our host families is to include them in day-to-day activities, engage them in conversations, and make them feel like part of the family!

We don't have a private room for the student, can we still host?

For our college programs, the students need to have a private room. Some host families will ask their children to give up their rooms for the stay.

Does the student need a private bathroom?

No. Sharing a bathroom is fine. Be sure to explain the customs in your house!

How are families and students matched?

We will match you with a student based on shared hobbies and interests. We will also ask you which nationality and gender you prefer.  When we have found a student we think would be a great match for your family, we contact you and send you the student's dossier to review. The final decision to host a particular student is always yours!

Does it cost anything to host?

Hosting is free! In fact, ANDEO provides a small stipend to help offset hosting expenses such as food and utilities.  All students are covered by health insurance and bring their own spending money.

What is expected of the students?

All students are screened by our partner organizations in their home countries and participate in orientations before their programs begin.  They are expected to make every effort to adapt to your family's schedule and way of life and use their English language skills.  Students also sign an agreement that spells out the program rules.

What kind of support does ANDEO provide for host families?

Before the arrival of your student, you will receive a comprehensive orientation packet that covers everything from cultural differences to suggestions for helping your student adapt to your way of life.  Throughout the program, our hosting coordinators will be available to answer any questions you may have and to solve any issues that may arise.  We are on-call 24-hours, in case of emergency. We want students and families to have a successful and rewarding homestay experience, and we do everything possible to help facilitate this goal.

What do the students do all day?

Students on this program will be attending language classes and participating in cultural activities from 9am to 5pm during the work week. They'll ride public transportation to and from school each day. Most programs are based at Portland State University.

Do the students speak English?

Yes, and they really want to practice and improve their English! The students’ skill levels vary depending on their age, nationality, and prior experience with the language. Since students are studying English every day, they often improve rapidly and bring home fun, interactive homework to share with their host families.  In any case, we have plenty of suggestions on how to make communication work across the language barrier. Smiles, funny drawings, gestures, and simple English phrases go a long way!

Do we need to speak our student's language?

No. In fact, if you happen to speak your student's language, we prefer that you don't use it.  One of the main goals of all our students is to improve their English. The sooner they get used to working through the challenges of language immersion, the more progress they will make.  It might seem helpful to offer to speak in your student's native language, but you can actually help more by speaking slowly, writing down difficult words, or trying to phrase things differently.  It's fun to watch students get more comfortable with their English language skills by the day!

What if our student is injured or becomes ill during the homestay?

All students are covered by medical and accident insurance. Coverage is comprehensive, except for eye and dental care (unless required as the result of an accident). The application form for minors includes a medical release formed signed by their parents/guardians. In case of illness or accident, we ask you to treat your student like your own child and act accordingly. If there is a serious problem, families should contact us as soon as possible so we can keep the student’s parents informed. 

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