El Parque del Retiro y El Museo de Prado

El Parque del Retiro y El Museo de Prado


el jueves 25-6-15 10:00h (Thursday, 6-25-15, 10am)

¡Saludos de España!
Yesterday was a fun and busy day in the city. After class in the morning, we took the metro to the center of Madrid and walked to the popular Parque de Retiro, which is like the Central Park of Madrid. Historically, el Retiro served as the royal gardens. It stretches over many blocks and has places to hold events, a lake in the middle (in which you can rent row boats to take out on the lake), cafés, running and walking paths, etc. After eating a picnic lunch in el Retiro, we visited the Museo de Prado, one of the biggest and most famous museums in the world. We weren´t allowed to take pictures in the Prado so we have nothing to prove that we were there, except for the amazing experience of being able to say we saw some of the most famous and influential paintings in Spain´s, bueno, in the world´s history. Tomorrow we visit the Reina Sofia which is another museum which is well known for housing Picasso´s iconic Guernica

Today is a much more relaxing day than yesterday. After class in the morning, we have a Spanish cooking class in which we will learn how to cook platos españoles típicos. I believe this will also be our lunchtime and we will get to eat what we make! ¡Qué delicioso!

This weekend is going to be a hot one! It is going to get to 38 grados (about 100 degrees for us) and it feels hotter than that because the sun really beats down here and we are in a dry desert area. Lots of sunscreen and water!

¡Un abrazo!