Ariell interviews her friends about Spanish food and music

Ariell interviews her friends about Spanish food and music


In preparation for my trip to Spain, I have been doing some research on the country. Some of the things that I looked into were Spanish food and music. I decided to interview my friends to see what their knowledge of Spain's culture was.
Here are some short interviews about Spanish foods:

Me: Do you know any Spanish foods? Like common Spanish foods?
Brandon: Hm. Salsa??
Me: *laughing* well "salsa" is the Spanish word for "sauce" but I'm pretty sure salsa is Mexican.
Brandon: Oh. Well then no I don't know any.

Me: What common Spanish foods do you know or have had?
Ronan: I don't think I've had Spanish food. Does Mexican count?
Me: No, I don't think it does. Good try though.
Ronan: What are some Spanish foods? 
 Well a common one is paella which is a rice and seafood dish.
Ronan: Oh I think I've had that.

Me: Have you eaten any Spanish foods before or recently?
Julia: Uh no?
Me: Okay..

 The most common foods in Spain are paella (rice and seafood dish), gazpacho (a cold soup made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and bell peppers), and tortillas españolas (not to be confused with a Mexican tortilla; Spanish tortillas are basically an egg omelet with potatoes and chopped onions.) 

Next, I asked people questions about Spanish music, hoping that I would get better results from my friends who are taking a Spanish class:

Me: What are some Spanish songs that you know?
Peyton: Puedo Ir Al Baño!!
Me: I'm not sure they listen to that song in Spain *laughs*
Peyton: *laughing also* We listen to it in Spanish 1. It's a musical masterpiece!

Me: Do you know any Spanish songs?
Aviel: *singing* Si nos dejan, nos vamos a querer, todo la vida
 Both: Si nos dejan, nos vamos a vivir, a un mundo nuevo
Me: Wait how do you know this song?
Aviel: Señor Newell quizzed the Spanish 1 classes on it.
 Me: Oh same but I'm in Spanish 3
Aviel: *fist bumps me*

Me: Do you know any Spanish music?
Justina: I'm in AP French.
Me: Point taken.

It was evident that unless they are in a Spanish class, most people do not know much about Spanish culture, even things as general as food and music. I looked up what songs are popular on the Spanish charts right now and played a Spanish pop song called "Hasta El Amanecer" 

Brandon: What is this called? This is bumpin
Me: Hasta El Amanecer
Brandon: English
Me: Until dawn or until the sun rises
Brandon: Heck yea

Ronan: *listening intently for a minute* What is he saying?
Me: I can't translate that fast *laughs*
Ronan: Darn

Peyton: This is great! I could see myself busting out sick moves to this

Justina: I have no idea what he's saying but I'm digging it
Me: Yea I like it too!

The thing about music it usually doesn't matter what language the singer is singing in. All of my friends that I played the song for seemed to enjoy it regardless. However, I discovered that the artist of that song is from Puerto Rico, not Spain. 

The Andeo director told me to listen to his accent and to note how he pronounced "amanecer." As someone who is part Puerto Rican, it was rather embarrassing that I missed something like that...then again, I do not occupy my time listening to much Spanish music. She also sent me a link to a popular Spanish song by a popular Spanish singer: "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias. In this song and in other songs sung by Spanish artists, you can tell the difference in the way that they pronounce the C's and Z's. 

 In the Spanish spoken in Spain, C's and Z's have a "lispy" sound, sounding more like a "th" or a "fff" than a "sss". My Spanish 3 teacher also mentioned the same thing when we were learning the song "Si Nos Dejan" by Tamara. The word "felices" sounds more like "felifes." I later explained this difference to my friends I interviewed and they thought it was very interesting and applauded my for being able to learn a language with so many differences depending on the country speaking it.

 As much research as I've done, nothing will compare to actually experiencing Spanish culture firsthand, which I am very excited to do!