Jenna wonders about the weather in Mexico

Jenna wonders about the weather in Mexico


  Last summer, my family and I hosted a student from France. It was such a fun experience, and I’m really excited to see what it’s going to be like on the other side of things. By being a part of the host family for our student, I know what it’s like to totally invite someone new into the family. Through this experience, I believe it will help me connect with my host family because I share with them similar feelings of what it’s like to host.

I understand what it’s like to want to share everything from your day-to-day life with someone that’s new to your culture, and now I get to be on that side of the program, and words cannot describe how excited I am to do so. I can’t wait to go to Mexico this summer! As I busy myself, preparing for departure, I think about what to expect when I arrive at least once a day. I’m constantly asking myself questions, so I’ve turned to the Internet for the answers to the two questions that are on repeat, like a broken record, in my head.

1.     What type of weather should I expect?

a.    According to the accuweather website, I should expect very warm weather, but also some rain. I was told by one of my friends that grew up in Mexico, that it’s not just the rainy season during July either; it’s the warm, stormy season. Guess I’m packing my rain jacket! Weather is a concern of mine because heat is not my friend, if you know what I mean! I like to be prepared for anything and everything, and if I’m not, I get really overwhelmed, and knowing what type of clothes to bring is part of that.

2.     Culturally, what should I expect when interacting with my host family?

a.    I’ve learned from a close friend of mine and by interacting with her and her family that, Mexican people tend to be very family oriented. Family sizes tend to be on the larger side and the members are very involved with each other. My immediate family is really small; just my mom, sister and me, so getting a larger family definitely be a change! The rest of my family is HUGE though. My mom has nine siblings who all have kids of their own, so I’m used to being surrounded by a lot of people when we have family get togethers. Do to this, the adjustment to a bigger family, I believe, will be relatively easy.

Of course, there are so many more questions, but they’re the ones that won’t be answered until I meet my host family and delve into the culture of Mexico! I can’t wait for the adventure!