Natalia provides insight into her own fundraising process

Natalia provides insight into her own fundraising process


Play guitar at the Farmers Market

Selling prints of my artwork: this includes contacting coffee shops or restaurants that are willing to display my artwork then setting my price with a form of contact information and waiting for some calls!

Scholarship Applications: Scholarships are SO worth it! I did some research and also looked through the scholarship opportunities that ANDEO provides. These were definitely worth my time and so far have helped my family greatly to fundraise for my trip to Spain. Taking the time and effort to do them definitely paid off!

Job Applications: Summer jobs have been difficult to find considering that I am leaving for three weeks to go on this trip. Although it will be hard to find one, I have submitted many applications to various places and it will help me pay for this trip greatly.

Gigs: Playing my music at a local coffee shop or restaurant always seems to be a wonderful and fun way to make some money. The place that I play at usually pays me and I also bring in some tips from my friendly listeners.