Emily Learns to Make Churros with Lola

Emily Learns to Make Churros with Lola



In order to prepare for my trip to Spain this summer, I have been doing a lot of research on Spanish culture and customs, whether that's on the internet or by talking to people who have been there. In researching the food, I've found that Churros con Chocolate is very popular amongst Spaniards (and why wouldn't they be—just the name sounds delicious). So, while my French exchange student Lola was here, we decided to make churros together.

First we found a recipe, and then we gathered the ingredients. It turns out you need a ton of oil, so after several trips to the store, we were finally ready to begin. The dough was a really simple flour-and-egg-based recipe. The hardest part was adding all the eggs. It took lots of arm muscle to mix them in (this was Lola's least favorite part).

Once the dough was ready, we heated the oil to 360F. We transferred the dough to a frosting bag, then started squirting strips of dough into the hot oil. It was really cool watching the dough turn brown and flaky. We used a big metal spoon to transfer them to a cooling rack and then dusted them lightly with powdered sugar. We learned online that putting cinnamon sugar on Churros is actually an American custom and that in Spain, they use powdered sugar. While we were frying the batter we melted chocolate and milk together in a separate pot.

When we were all done, we got to enjoy what is now probably one of my favorite desserts (although admittedly, there was a lot of sampling going on throughout the entire process). It was great to experience something fun and insanely delicious with Lola and I can't wait to try Churros con Chocolate in Spain, or even make them with my host family!