Quiz: Which type of summer program should I choose?

Quiz: Which type of summer program should I choose?


The most important factor in determining the success of a program abroad is the mindset of the participants involved – the exchange student, his or her parents, and the host family. Take this quiz to find out if you are truly ready for an immersion program!  There are no right answers. Just use your responses to find a program that is right for you (and your parents!)

How long have you studied the language?

A) 2 or more years

B) 1 year or less

How comfortable are you speaking the language?

A) Fairly comfortable. I can find creative workarounds when I don't know something.

B) I get tongue tied pretty easily. I prefer reading and writing to speaking. 

Is a homestay an essential component of your experience abroad, or is it a type of accommodation?

A) Essential part of the experience

B) Accommodation

Whose idea was it for you to do a summer abroad program?

A) My idea

B) My parents' idea

Do you feel comfortable making airline connections on your own or flying as an unaccompanied minor, or would you feel more comfortable traveling as a member of a group led by a chaperone?

A) Travel independently 

B) Travel with a group led by a chaperone.

Are you excited about becoming a member of a host family, or would you feel more comfortable in a dormitory or hostel?

A) Excited by life with host family

B) Prefer dormitory or hostel

Are you excited about the challenging of becoming completely immersed in a new language and culture, or would you prefer to stay with a group of other American teens?

A) Excited to become immersed in new language and culture

B) Feel more comfortable with a group of other Americans

What is more important, "living like a local" or sightseeing?

A) Living like a local

B) Sightseeing

Do you function well by “going with the flow” or do you need a daily structure and schedule?

A) I can go with the flow!

B) I need structure and routine

Do you follow a special diet that would make adjusting to your host family’s way of life difficult?

A) I could adapt to a new diet

B) I am very strict about my diet, and I will not eat certain things

Will you be able to disconnect from daily communication with your parents and friends back home? Will your parents be able to disconnect from you?

A) I am willing to disconnect with my family and friends back home

B) I need to communicate with my family and friends regularly


If you answered mostly (A), it sounds like you are ready for the challenge of an immersion program! Take a look at our full immersion programs in France, Spain, Mexico and Germany, or look into immersion programs with other organizations. 

If you answered a mix of (A) and (B), you might want to consider a structured homestay and language program with classes, activities, and excursions. Take a look at our homestay study programs in Paris, Japan, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and three locations in Spain - Cadiz, Tarragona, and San Sebastian.  

If you answered mainly (B), it might be wise for you to choose a tour-oriented program by an organization such as EF.