Crocodile tour!

Crocodile tour!


So, we met up with Paloma and the group today for a boat ride down the Tarcoles river.  The kids all looked a little weary when they arrived in the afternoon. Once on the boat, they all perked up and we were hearing funny and exciting stories of their adventures. The rafting trip seemed to be the scariest. No one fell out, however Simon managed to lose an oar. 

It was nice to hear that they all had great home stay experiences. 
Maya bonded with a bunch of  children, Henry is done with beans for a while, Joseph attempted body surfing, Paige probably lost her voice zip lining, Simon does a mean salsa and has never been to Zootopia but apparently HAS been to Phoenix, Texas, Claire does a good Michael Jackson impersonation and Paloma does interesting faces under the water. 
I am sure we will be hearing fun stories for weeks to come. 

Paloma, thank you so much for keeping these goof balls in one piece and leading them through a fantastic adventure!