Alder Creek students explore San Joaquin

Alder Creek students explore San Joaquin


From Paloma: 

We are safe and having a great time! Some of the kids keep repeating that they cannot believe that they are here!

Our first night in Costa Rica was beautiful and calm. We had dinner at a local restaurant them headed to the B&B. The next day we took a walking tour of San Joaquin de Flores and got familiar with the area and where we will be at the next few days.


The students then took their exams and then hung out around the school playing ping pong, soccer and basketball.



They were all anxiously waiting for their host families. The families arrived at 3 and they all went on their way. This morning we were all woken up by heavy rain! We met up at our meeting spot and headed for the city of Heredia on public transportation. Everyone is loving their host families and had a great time getting to know them last night.

In Heredia we did a walking tour of the plaza and visited the church and the market place.

We tried various "new" fruits to us then headed back to CPI. 

Right now the students are just starting their first Spanish class! I will update tomorrow! 

Pura Vida!