Gresham High School to Japan 2017

Jul 4 2017

We visited Toshogu shrine today with our host brothers and sisters. Even though it was raining, we had a great time! What a great way to end our trip!

Jun 29 2017

On their first day of classes, Gresham students sit in on classes with Sano Nichidai students.

Gresham students learn how to play the Taiko (Japanese drum)

Jun 27 2017

Gresham students and their chaperone, Tara, arrives in Japan.

This is the giant buddha in Kamakura that was made in 1252 and has survived tsunamis and earthquakes. Amazing! We had a fun day exploring the coastal area of enoshima too. 

Nakatsunomiya Shrine in Enoshima

Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

Off to Sano tomorrow to start our homestay!