Lakeridge High School to France 2017

Jul 12 2017

Our last day in Paris was spent visiting the Musée d'Orsay, riding a ride in the Jardin des Tuileries, walking and exploring the Marais, Place des Voges, Le Centre George Pompidou, and Les Halles. We finished the day with a traditional French dinner in the Marias!

Jul 11 2017

On Monday we went to the Eiffel Tower and saw it from all angles - from underneath and from across the river at the Place du Trocadero. 

Jul 11 2017

We went up to Montmartre and visited Sacré Cœur, where we had a great view of the city! A charming restaurant welcomed us after our visit, during which time some dramatic weather began.  Once equipped with umbrellas, we sang our way back to a crowded metro ride and at last to our comfy hotel beds.  It looks like the thunder, lightning, and rain will be with us through Wednesday.  In true Pacer fashion, students are keeping their chins up, enjoying their time, learning lots, and appreciating the beauty, history, culture, and charm shining through the rain!

The following morning we went to the Louvre. Then, we walked around and visited Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame, the Pantheon, and the neighborhood of La Sorbonne. Afterwards we had dinner and took a boat tour on the Seine.  

Jul 8 2017


Our last weekday in Tours-swinging through the trees.  Everyone had a ton of fun, especially zooming across the lake!  Sophie dipped too low and got soaked!  Another super hot, humid day.

Students expressed overwhelming appreciation for their two weeks of French classes-they were educational and fun, and between family time and lessons, each student has noticed enormous personal progress in the spoken language and overall comprehension, in addition to firming up grammatical & sentence structures.  Many of them seem more motivated than ever to exploring the many cultures that make up la francophonie, and it is sooooo neat to witness such inspiration among them!  They might be the best group of students I've ever brought to France!

Jul 8 2017


A lovely (but hot & humid ) afternoon spent at Clos-Lucé, where Leonard DaVinci spent his last years.  A great combination of his art and engineering that our students really enjoyed exploring.

Jul 8 2017


An awesome château visit to Rigny-Ussé where Charles Perrault lived and wrote a number of famous fairy tales, Sleeping  Beauty being among the most well-known.

Jul 6 2017

Allez, dansons! 

Get dancing with some of our Lakeridge students. Check it out!

Jul 5 2017

Here are more photos of our Pacer crew at the Château d'Ussé, where Charles Perrault lived for a time and was inspired to write many fairy tales that we know and love.

Jul 5 2017

À Tours and we visited Le Château d'Ussé today!

Jul 5 2017

Bonsoir!  Spent the day at Chenonceau and the nice weather has returned !

Jul 3 2017

The sun is finally back in Tours! 


Jun 29 2017

Students are getting to know Tours with a stroll around the city.



Jun 29 2017

Today, the students took a ride on the tram with Yannick to go bowling. Everyone had a blast! 

Jun 28 2017

Lakeridge students at their language school in Tours.

Jun 27 2017

Monday we went on a tour of Tours with our awesome guide Annick! Exploring the history of this beautiful old city, from Roman ruins to vestiges of the medieval ages up to gorgeous Renaissance buildings, and into our contemporary world with current art exhibits in several places for the students to explore on their own this Wednesday during their free afternoon.

Below you'll see a group picture in an old medieval/ Renaissance fountain, a gorgeous flower in front of a once was church, and today's rainy yet still super special visit of the perfect example of Renaissance chateau, Azay-le-Rideau reflected in its pond.

We had fun with dress-up in the boutique.

Then we visited an awesome chateau called le château de l'islette, where the sculptors Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin had their sordid love affair that led to her demise. Really fascinating history and modern day story!

Students are all settling in really well and enjoying their lessons, quickly figuring out the lay of the land, and having fun connecting with their host families. Brittney and I are soooo proud of the for jumping in, asking good questions, and applying their French from the get-go! What an incredible group!

Jun 24 2017

We arrived. Just a quick update from the Montparnasse train in Paris, where we await the TGV to get to Tours.  Very few slept in the plane rides!




Jun 23 2017

Today the Lakeridge students say goodbye to their parents at the Portland airport as their adventure to France begins.

Before taking off for France: