Meet the 2018 Chaperone to Mexico!

Meet the 2018 Chaperone to Mexico!


Greetings, Andeo Community!  

I am thrilled to be chaperoning the 2018 Mexico City trip with Andeo. 

I am a Wilson High School Spanish teacher in Portland and I have worked with Andeo over the course of my teaching career as a chaperone and a general advocate of international student travel! Mexico is one of my favorite places to travel—I love the music, the food, the art and the warmth of the people.  Travelling and living in Mexico was what made me want to be a Spanish teacher!  I was fortunate to take a student group from Jefferson High School to Oaxaca through ANDEO and I was so impressed by how the families made each student feel so welcomed.  

I am a Portland native and I have an 8-year-old daughter named Mia who loves learning Spanish through music.  I also love to run, sing, garden, cook, ride a road-bike, knit and play violin. 

I’m looking forward to a fabulous trip to Mexico City!