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Una prueba de mate


Yesterday we spent a relaxing afternoon at the school trying mate, an herbal tea that is super popular in Argentina. It is commonly drunk socially, passing the mate cup around the circle for each person to enjoy through a bombilla (straw). One cup of yerba mate leaves lasts for a while, so between each person, the person who originally prepared the mate refills the cup with hot water and passes it to the next person. We got to try mate dulce (with sugar) and mate amargo (without sugar). 

Intern Spotlight: Pauliina

Our Volunteer Internship Program connects international interns with local non-profit organizations. Interns stay with host families and volunteer 20-30 hours per week. It’s a great opportunity for participants to improve their English, gain work experience, and make an impact on the community!

Name: Pauliina

Country: Finland

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