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5 Reasons to Host an Exchange Student


There are many benefits to hosting a student from abroad, even for just a couple of weeks. Here are five reasons why people love hosting!

1. Make International Friends and Form a Global Family

International friends make the world feel smaller and more connected. Even if you speak different languages, it’s rewarding to discover common ground. We often hear that exchange students start to feel like family in only a short time as hosts include them in their daily activities.

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10 Things to Do with Your Exchange Student



If you’re wondering what to do with your exchange student, consider this: Even something you think of as mundane, such as going to the grocery store, can be interesting to an international guest. When you're in a different country, everything can feel different and exciting—so we encourage you to include your student in all sorts of activities, big and small. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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By Joan, Elizabeth Markleson, host mom

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