Summer Abroad in Fukuoka Japan with Homestay, Japanese Classes, and Cultural Activities

Fukuoka is a beautiful city on the island of Kyushu, in southern Japan. Enjoy the moderate climate, lovely beaches, and colorful city life. It is a very modern city, and yet the home of some of the oldest festivals in the country.

2018 Dates and Prices

Dates: Choose your dates between mid-June and late-August and stay for 2 to 8 weeks!

2 weeks: $2,575*
Additional weeks: $975 each*
Airfare not included.

Deadline to apply: April 8, 2018

*We reserve the right to adjust program prices if there is a major change in the currency exchange rate. In this event, applicants may cancel and receive a full refund.

Language Classes

Your classes will be held at a language school in the heart of Fukuoka. The class sizes are small (usually between three and seven students), so you will have plenty of opportunities to participate. Your classmates will be international students from around the world. The program includes 20 hours of language classes per week. At the language school, you will find computers with internet access, a manga and anime library, and even a cosplay room where you can dress up in Japanese-style costumes. On your first day, you will take a one-hour placement test consisting of written and interview portions. After that, you will enjoy an orientation of the school, a refresher on Japanese culture and manners, and a chance to meet the local support staff. Then, you will have your first Japanese classes. In the afternoon, join a guided tour of Fukuoka!

Cultural Activities and Excursions

Each afternoon M-F, join cultural activities to dive deeper into the Japanese language and culture. On Saturdays, you will spend the full day exploring several cultural sites for an even richer experience. For example, you may experience a traditional tea ceremony, learn how to make soba noodles, visit a graphic design school to see the evolution of a new manga, or try out Japanese martial arts. Excursions may lead you to a Shinto shrine, a museum, or the landmark Fukuoka tower.

The Homestay

A homestay with a local family is the best way to gain authentic insights into the everyday life and culture of Japan. Host families come in all shapes and sizes and can be parents with children (from baby to adult), "empty nesters," single parents, grandparents, or single individuals. All homestays include breakfasts and dinners with your host family. There are many cheap cafes where you can buy a lunch near the school, usually around 800 yen. Most students commute to and from the language school by public transportation. You are responsible for paying for your own transportation, no more than 500 yen per day. 

Sample Two-Week Itinerary* 

Week One
Monday: City Tour of Fukuoka
Tuesday: Movie at school
Wednesday: Party
Thursday: Exchange event with Japanese people
Friday: Cultural experience (i.e festivals)
Saturday: Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Kyshu National Museum and Japanese martial arts class

Week Two
Monday: Cosplay lesson
Tuesday: Japanese drums
Wednesday: Cat cafe
Thursday: Yanagibashi Arcade visit 
Friday: Tea ceremony
Saturday: visit to manga/anime school, calligraphy class, and Fukuoka Tower

*Activities are tentative and may differ from this schedule. 

Student Feedback

"It was a life-changing experience. I had been looking forward to going to Japan for years, and it surpassed all of my expectations.” ~Amy~



Age: 14-17

Language: 1 year

Teacher Recommendation: Yes

You should be interested in other cultures and ready to participate in all classes, cultural activities, excursions, and your host family's everyday life. Being flexible about new experiences, foods, and ways of communicating is important, as well as having the maturity to travel independently and adapt to new situations.

All ANDEO homestay study programs include:

Fun, interactive language classes that will change your idea of "summer school" forever. You will learn in small groups with teens from around the world. The language classes will help you build your communication skills, understand the local culture, and become comfortable in real-life language situations. The classes usually take place every weekday morning (afternoons in Costa Rica) for three to four hours. On some days, you might venture out of the classroom to try out your language skills at a local market or in interviews with native speakers.

Exciting cultural activities and excursions that invite you to dive into the local culture. Depending on the location, the cultural activities may include cooking or dancing lessons, visits to nearby small villages or famous sights, nature hikes, or sports on the beach. In some places, you will also have the opportunity to get involved with a community service project. Click on the name of the country of your choice below to get more details.

Homestays that offer you a window into the local culture as well as additional chances to practice your language skills.

Local support by the local school staff and homestay coordinator who are available throughout your stay to help you make the most of your summer abroad.

Orientation materials that include practical information about your host country and help you prepare for your adventure abroad.

ANDEO staff support for you and your parents throughout the application process, in your preparations, and during your stay abroad.

Comprehensive medical travel insurance


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