Cooking Class

Cooking Class


When you kids get home the kids should be able to make you tortillas with arroz con pollo. Aroz con pollo is eaten on Sundays or special occasions. We all ate it today for lunch and then Clayton's mamatica prepared it for his birthday dinner as well. 


hmm that obvioulsy didn't work. Dorte sent me those pics, I guess  they were toooo big. not sure how to remedy this. If you don't recognize those chests they are Liam, Wyatt J, Aiden, Lena

Hi Sarah,We'll add these photos to your photo gallery page - and they'll show up better there. Fun cooking photos! Looks delicious!- Sara at ANDEO

Feliz cumpleaños Clayton! 

And I second the suggestion to post photos to gallery from now on. Remember to set the masonry thumbnail to 256 x 256.  You're doing a great job, Sarah, thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed back home!