Kayaks, flamenco and beach, oh my!

We should have some photos on the blog fairly soon -- I don´t have any way to download mine, but Mrs. Woodward will be posting some. There are some on the Lakeridge--Sevilla Facebook page.

Our students are doing well.  This morning (Thursday), they were tired but pretty happy. And why not?  Tuesday evening they kayaked on the Gudalquivir River (and looked like experts, by the way).  It is warm in the afternoons and evenings, and being on the river was perfect.  Last night we saw a flamenco show performed in the Monastery on the Isla Cartuja.  This admittedly was not everyone´s cup of tea, but they were attentive and polite, and they can now say that they have seen flamenco in Spain. Today is the day all have been waiting for -- beach day.  We will be heading for the beach after classes.  Everyone is ready with towels, swimsuits, packed lunches and sun screen!  Adios for now.