This is Aidan, again. Today was amazing, except for the rain, which was a bit of a downer to our expectations of sunny weather, but that didn't slow us down from fully enjoying the pros of being in a hotel which was a few hundred meters from both the river and the ocean. First of all, sleep is irrelevant in the mind of Percy, but this isn't always such a bad thing, because it allows us to enjoy all of the amazing things that are visible from our own boat. We woke up at 5:30 and boarded out boat for our tour of the small but packed rivers that split from the Rio Suerte. The first thing we saw on our way through the jungle like habitat was a caiman, a mini alligator about a meter long. We then continued along our journey and spotted a total of 3 types of monkeys, a huge spider, eggs from what looked like a hummingbird, and overall too many birds to count on our hands and toes.We then returned to the hotel, had breakfast, and thought we were in for a day of relaxation.

We were wrong.

At about 3 o'clock we got back onto our long boat and took a short ride to the beach where Ozzie, Tasman and myself went for s short run along the beach while the others enjoyed the dark sands of both the river on one side of the peninsula, and the oceans on another. We then headed home, had dinner, and prepared for the most exciting part of our day: getting to watch turtles nest and lay their eggs along the same beaches we walked on earlier that the day.

This was awesome apart from the constant rain pounding our small and insufficient rain jackets.

We ended up seeing one turtle along the beach for a few minutes before heading back to the hotel door to a much needed hot shower and sleep.

The next day we got to sleep in (for some of us a little bit too late) before gathering up our belongings and taking our boat back to the bus with the relentless rain still at our front doors. After lunch at an amazing restaurant, where we enjoyed Casado, or beans, rice, and chicken, and a few other snacks unique to the Costa Rican culture, we headed back to San Isidro. Shortly after, we learned what all the rain had done.

The rain had knocked out the support beams for the bridge that was the quickest route to San Isidro. Luckily, before we got too deep into the black hole known as traffic, we opted for a safer but much slower route back to our host families. We then continued to play cards and listen to Wyatt's opinion of Spanish music on the way home. This trip was by far the highlight of our trip so far.
We love and miss all our family members back home! We are always thinking of you guys!