Volunteering at the Senior Center

Volunteering at the Senior Center


This is Bella Lea and  Sarah Schneider. Yesterday we had so much fun helping out at the elderly home. We all did jobs that the staff usually do alone. Some of the job options were cleaning floors and windows, making and cleaning beds, cutting fruit for snacks (for the helpers), doing laundry, weeding, picking up trash, and helping some of the elders to lunch (IT WAS LIKE 10 HOW CAN THEY EAT SO EARLYYYYYY). I (Bella) cleaned and folded the laundry even though I don’t usually do it at home ( I am lazy). I always told my mom I’d put her in a home; but it was pretty cool to see where she’s going to live in the future (JKJKJKJKJKJK LOVE YOU MOM). I also got to go explore a bit and they had some pretty weird pets there. They had ducks, chickens, turkeys, bunnies, weird talking parrot, parakeet, rats, and two dogs, but one was an albino. I got to hold some little chicks! I also held  chicken but I was a bit scared because a full sized chicken could just decide to fly! That’s why I’m always prepared for the worst. I’m going to pass the computer to Sarah now! BYEEEEEE! Okayyyy Bella, anyways, when we were at the elderly home, I cleaned the floors for a little bit, and then I made the beds of the elders for the rest of the time. We tried to make them look extra nice for them. After everyone had done their jobs and ate their yummy snacks, we all gathered the elders and played a game of Bingo. I helped a couple of them to play it, because most of them had never heard of the game (which was very surprising considering that stereotype). They were all super nice and were very happy when we handed out their prizes to them. One of the lady’s there told us a very interesting story about how she was married when she was 14 to a 22 year old (she showed us her wedding photo). She also told us how she had her first child at 17 (we were all very surprised). We saw one really cute couple who were playing bingo together. The husband was such a gentleman, and pushed her all the way back to her room even though he himself, had trouble walking. We walked back to San Isidro and had lunch there, and then we all went to our Spanish classes at ELEC. All in all, today was very fun and a very meaningful experience. We learned so much about their lives and also managed to help them in the process. Thanks for reading about our time in Costa Rica!!!

                                                                                                                                       p.s. I’M SORRY MOM IT’S A JOKE –Bella Lea

                                                                                                                        Signing off for now,

                                                                                                                                    Bella Lea and Sarah Schneider