Perspectives by Josie C

Perspectives by Josie C


Today while at Rancho Santana, a beach resort on 2700 acres, we heard many new perspectives.  One of the employees told us that some of the benefits of the resort for the local community was that now everyone has a motorcycle and the houses are now made of strong material.  

I have seen first hand how untrue that statement is.  Not every family has a moto, let alone every person. Part of the wall in my room is cardboard, and you can see through to the house next door.  The guy working at Santana had probably never spent time with very many people from the community so his idea of the town was through rose tinted glasses. 

With the Fenix students we talked about how tourism is impacting their daily lives.  Many families have jobs at the resort, so their interaction with foreigners is both positive and negative. Although economically their situation might have improved, there isn't much room to move up in a position and they are now dependent on tourism.  While Rancho Santana is trying to conserve water, there are 90 houses with 90 swimming pools while El Limon is suffering from a drought.  It's a very complicated issue with many pros and cons. 

Back in town during art we are working on murals and puppets.  The perspectives of our cultures are two new views to each other.  It's not easy expressing our views or ideas with limited knowledge of the language.  That means we can only share parts of our story.  

We are guests in the community and yet we can't help but be tourists.  We are integrating the best we can in our two short weeks, and our visit is impacting the local culture, economics and environment.  The story is just beginning, and the end is nowhere near.  We all still all have a lot to learn from each other.

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