Group Dispatch

Happy B-Day America!


Oh say can you see

By the dawn's early light


What so proudly we hail

July 4th on July 3rd!


How many Pacers can we fit onto Mme G's beach throw on the banks of the Loire river?

 How many Pacers can we fit onto Mme G's beach throw on the banks of the Loire River?

More. . .

Anybody else willing?


More Da Vinci



Brian stretching and settling back in


Her eyes are painted using the same technique as the Mona Lisa's.  Are they following you?

Thursday Excursion



Clos Lucé, the chateau where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life.

"An obstinate rigor"

Tapped Pear Tasting



In an old village inside a troglodyte cellar

Students tried dehydrated pears from an ancient process used to provide mariners with necessary vitamins and minerals to avoid scurvy, etc along their passage through the Loire out to sea and onto Canada.  


Tuesday's Visit to Chenonceau


Twins for a day in the carriage house of the castle of Chenonceau. 

Our fantastic group

And the beauty that is Chenonceau 


Our Last Few Days in Madrid


el martes 7-7-15 9.30h (Tuesday, 7-7-15, 9:30am)

Art Changes Everything by Griffin Brandstetter


Art Changes Everything

By Griffin Brandstetter


What is your hope or dream for the future you will inherit?

In what way could you make that dream come true?

Perspectives by Josie C


Today while at Rancho Santana, a beach resort on 2700 acres, we heard many new perspectives.  One of the employees told us that some of the benefits of the resort for the local community was that now everyone has a motorcycle and the houses are now made of strong material.  

Adios Ecuador


We started our morning by going to a food market. We got to see new fruits, tons of vegetables, fish and other seafood, all sorts of meat (some of the girls were turned off by what they saw) and tonsof other stuff. We tried sweet plantain chips and spicy ones, we ate things that don´t have translations to English. We ate and then walked back to the school where we ate some of the unknown fruits. Then it was lunchtime and we ate some more (very little actually since we were so full).


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